Saturated broadcast of the vulnerable post-modern individual

In tutes a couple of weeks ago we were asked to find a phrase to describe the blogging scene in the world today. After some debate we came up with the long title of “saturated broadcast of the vulnerable post-modern individual”, and our group felt that this accurately portrayed many blogs in the blogosphere today.

Not only are they self-interested and saturated with individualistic information, it can also be seen how vulnerable and alone each person is. They are not always in a weak position, and it is often very courageous that people will broadcast their opinions and views into the World Wide Web.

There are many examples though of people who get attacked for their public views, and may regret exposing themselves to the mercy of the world and its trolls.

A good example of this is Cortney’s blog:


What started off as just her feminist ramblings and thoughts on pop culture led to a torrent of abuse from misogynists and anti-feminists, resulting in her last post titled “I Quit”.

I think we all need to remember how big the world is out there, and also how damaging some people can be in the blogosphere. It is a democracy of information but also of opinion, so anyone can say basically anything. You can choose to not approve a comment in WordPress, but it doesn’t stop you having to read the harmful stuff first.

I’m sad however that Cortney was bullied into stopping her feminist thoughts. I’m sure Blogspot has a way that you can block offensive users… Either way, I hope that this is something that we can overcome, and that we won’t have to self-censor or be silenced in our future blogging endeavours.


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