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Email Hack for Dell Customers

We place a lot of our trust in computer manufacturers and web providers, giving them our personal information overtime we use their services. Even if we trust them to not intentionally misuse our information, they are still fallible and open to hackers.

Just yesterday Dell sent out an email to customers admitting that their first and last names and email address may have been exposed to an unauthorised entry into its email services provider Epsilon.


It’s terribly unsettling when this happens, and reminds me that it isn’t only Facebook that we have to be concerned about. The lecture on Privacy, Ethics and Reputation was a big wake up call for me, and now this Dell hack has left me equally concerned.

But what choice do we have as individuals? It seems impossible now to shut off from cyberspace, despite our vulnerability and powerlessness. Perhaps the course of action is to be as prudent as possible with the information we disclose, and just hope for the best…